Pure Berry Max with Blueberry, Pomegranate Raspberry and Green Tea

Pure Berry Max reviewA look at the website dedicated to Pure Berry Max shows fabulous photos of girls who probably never needed to diet in their lives and features claims that would be hard to back up even if the product had any medically provable benefits.

So far, the page has accumulated 341 consumer complaints on ‘Scambook’ from people who say that Pure Berry Max is a huge scam put in place to defraud the general public.

None of these complaints have been resolved. Complaints range from non-delivery of the product to overcharging when people accept low-priced ‘trail programs’. Let’s take a closer look at the product itself (provided you get it after paying for it).

What Is Pure Berry Max

Pure Berry Max contains raspberry ketones, green tea extract and extracts of blueberries and pomegranate. It’s effective in boosting the metabolism and should help with fat burning as a result. On the downside, it doesn’t do anything to suppress the appetite, no diet plan is provided and there’s no carbohydrate blocking effect.

What is in Blueberry Max

One of the biggest problems with this product is the lack of information offered by its makers. They don’t tell you how much weight you should expect to lose, how fast they think their product will make you shed excess pounds or even why the ingredients of the product might be effective. All you see is great buts, killer arms and awesome abs that were more likely sculpted with exercise rather than by shedding a bit of fat.

The big selling point is that you won’t have to count calories, change your eating habits or get more exercise. The fat will simply melt away. Once again, the makers are silent as to how this will actually happen and who it might work for.

Theoretically, Pure Berry Max should give you some weight loss benefits thanks to the metabolism boosting effects of the raspberry ketone which it contains in an unknown concentration. However, the most disturbing feature of this product is the customer service complaints it has managed to accumulate. By all accounts, you can pay up, place your order and then get exactly nothing. If you take the dent in your bank account into the reckoning, you might lose some weight, but it’s not for the right reasons.

Pure Berry Max Ingredients

The manufacturers of Pure Berry Max are silent on the subject of the concentrations of specific ingredients that are supposed to help you lose weight. You may be ensnared by the ‘trial offer’ which only covers postage, but if you read the small print you’ll discover that you’ll be billed in full within two weeks. A lot of people don’t bother to read all the terms and conditions and end up paying much more than they expected. This method of doing business is at best, questionable.

Pure Berry max is a ridiculously expensive product, especially when you take into account the fact that none of its claims can be supported with hard evidence. In fact, the makers are very careful to make no specific claims whatsoever. ‘Awesome abs’ is hardly the kind of claim that anyone should take seriously.

Pure Berry Max Side Effects

There should be no serious side effects if taken in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. The pills contain caffeine and anyone who is sensitive to the effects of caffeine should avoid them completely. The blueberry extract can affect blood sugar levels, so diabetics should avoid using this diet supplement.

Although its underhand marketing tactics have led to many consumers labelling Pure Berry Max as a ‘scam’, there’s nothing wrong with the ingredients, provided they’re actually in there. The lack of information regarding this product is worrying to say the least. The business practices behind the product aren’t all that ethical either. It might be a bit hard to figure out just what you’re going to end up paying for your Pure Berry Max and you’d be pardoned for thinking that the whole operation looks a bit iffy.

If you want to try raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement, there are much more reputable and cost-effective products that you can try. Luckily, Pure Berry Max doesn’t hold sole rights to any of its ingredients.

Recommended Alternative

Ketone Gold bottlesThe brand that we recommend is Ketone Gold – containing a the recommended daily dosage of Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia Cambogia it is a best seller in Australia, the US, Canada and the UK.

Customer reviews are very positive and the product works out very cost effective when bought in bulk. There is also a long 60 days money guarantee.

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