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XLS Medical DirectXLS Medical Direct is little different from most other weight loss supplements because it is produced in powder form yet still offers a convenience of use that compares well to diet pills. The powder has been designed to dissolve in the mouth without the need for water and each dose is packed into an individual sachet with a tear-off top.

This allows them to get to work faster and most people should find it easy enough to carry a few XLS Medical Direct sachets around with them for use on the go.

It is claimed in some quarters that powder form supplements are absorbed more quickly and easily than standard diet pills – this though is very much up for debate.

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaAlthough XLS Medical is one of the leading fat binding products (in many countries such as the UK, France, Germany and of course Australia) we prefer PhenQ.

PhenQ is just as effective at binding – but it also has other mechanics of action in addition. PhenQ can also act as a fat burner and appetite suppressant

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What is XLS Medical Direct and How Does it Work?

XLS Medical Direct has been designed to limit the amount of calories the body receives each day. This is achieved by a process that is known as fat binding. The promotional video below should give a better explanation.

Advertised benefits

• Appetite reduction
• Cholesterol reduction
• Block up to 28% of dietary fats
• Lose up to 3x more weight than with diet alone

Fat binders contain ingredients that the human body cannot digest. All fat binding ingredients also share an unusual characteristic—they have the ability to attract and “bind” with dietary fats. After the fat binding ingredient has successfully bound with the fat it cannot be digested either. Fat is a high calorie food. Each gram contains 9 calories, so fat binders that work in the intended manner can be very useful weight management aids.

The presence of such a large indigestible mass in the stomach can create a feeling of fullness that supresses the appetite, so fat binders can be useful for controlling hunger pangs and limiting portion sizes at meal times. Bearing in mind cholesterol is a form of fat; the additional health benefits fat binders can offer should need no explanation.

Manufacturer Credibility

XLS Medical Direct is manufactured in Europe by Omega Pharma. The company has an outstanding reputation and is also responsible for the manufacture of a number of other leading European brands including Solpadine pain killers and Predicta pregnancy tests.

Directions for Use One powder sachet is required three times per day directly after meals. The sachet should be torn open and poured into the mouth. No water is required because the natural juices present in the mouth are sufficient to enable easy swallowing. Supplementation must be continued for at least one month.

Key Ingredients

The only active ingredient is a trade mark-protected form of Prickly Pear cactus (opuntia ficus-indica) called Litramine.

Prickly Pear has a longstanding reputation as an appetite suppressant and has also been proven to be an effective fat binder.

Litramine diet pill AustraliaThe results of one a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study were published in Obesity (2013). The study involved 125 obese adult volunteers and ran for 12 weeks. No side effects were reported and by the completion of the study the Litramine users showed a greater decrease in waist circumference and BMI when compared to the placebo group. Many volunteers lost over 5% of their body weight.

Mean body weight change from baseline:

3.8 ± 1.8 kg in Litramine vs. 1.4 ± 2.6 kg in placebo (P < 0.001)

The researchers concluded Litramine is “effective in promoting weight loss”.

Customer Feedback

A few sample customer comments read:

“This stuff is bonzer. I’ve lost nearly 2kg in only 8 weeks. It makes you need the WC a little more than normal, but nothing too scary and it makes you feel too full to go chasing after bickies and other snacks.”
“The flavour is pretty poor, but XLS Medical Direct must be doing something right because I’d dropped down a dress size by the time I’d finished the first box.”
“Handy little bags of powder you can take with you anywhere. They are really good for helping you to cut down on the tucker and lose weight. “

Side Effects & Supplementary Information

Due to their method of action, fat binders often cause greasy or sloppy stools and people who eat lots of food that is particularly high in fat may find the need to locate a toilet becomes a matter of urgency. Apart from that, side effects are unlikely, but pregnant or nursing mothers are advised to speak to their doctor before using any brand of supplement. People who have known health issues or are taking medication should be equally cautious.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

XLS Medical Direct is available from many chemists and online stores including Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacy 4 Less. Each box contains 90 sachets (lasts 30 days) and the flavour options are limited to “Berry”. The price per pack can vary somewhat from one supplier to the next and usually ranges from $65 to $80.

Alternatives, Recommended

how does PhenQ workAs mentioned above we highly recommend PhenQ – a multi action capsule that can not only stop fat from being produced but suppress appetite.

PhenQ is available without prescription from its own official website. Delivery is to all countries (and Free), including Australia and there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

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