XYZ Smart Collagen Review – Why Collagen is Necessary For Young-Looking Skin

XYZ Smart Collagen in AustraliaIs it really possible to look 7.5 years younger in 12 weeks? The company Wolfson Berg claim it is if you use their XYZ Smart Collagen cream.

That´s a damn big claim to make, so we were initially very sceptical about this product. Then we took a closer look at the information available and researched the abilities of the main ingredient.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover Wolfson Berg’s boast was not so idle after all. They have chosen a powerful collagen boosting ingredient and ensured ift provides optimum potency by opting to refine it in an unusual way.

XYZ Collagen cream websiteXYZ Smart Collagen is available only from the official website. The product can be delivered anywhere in the world.

The official website is available in French, German and Italian – as well as English and has multiple currency options such as $, CA$, AU$, € and £’s.

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Why Collagen is Necessary For Young-Looking Skin

CollagenCollagen is a type of protein generated by special cells underneath the skin. Its presence helps support the skin and keep it nice and firm. It also prevents sagging and wrinkling.

If you’ve ever taken a good look at the soft saggy skin of an elderly family member you will have witnessed the results of collagen deficiency, but the changes begin to take place much earlier in life.

Although the young are blessed with naturally high levels of collagen, the amount produced reduces by 2% with each passing year.

XYZ Smart Collagen Application Frequency & Technique

The cream needs to be applied to the neck and face morning and night. The manufacturer recommends stroking the cream into the skin with an upwards motion, being careful to avoid the lower eyelids and tear ducts.

Promised Benefits

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Provides firmer skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Heals painful tattooed skin
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Defines facial contours

Blend Potency

XYZ Smart Collagen contains bulbine frutescensXYZ Smart Collagen contains bulbine frutescens. No other active ingredients are involved. Bulbine frutescens is a plant extract that has long been renowned for its ability to help heal the skin.

Research shows the ingredient achieves this because, once it has been absorbed, it has the ability to encourage collagen-producing fibroblasts cells to up their production rates and start creating extra collagen.

Bulbine frutescens is not the only compound that can achieve this, but other ingredients cause the fibroblasts to manufacture a lot of poor quality collagen that does very little to improve the look of the skin.

Experts in the beauty industry state such methods are outdated and say using bulbine frutescens is a better way to go. This is not surprising because scientific study proves the ingredient has the ability to boost collagen levels and accelerate the healing of wounds to the skin.

A number of other creams contain bulbine frutescens, but in a form that has been extracted using methods that involve heating the plant tissue while exposed to the air. This causes oxidation that destroys vital components and limits the ingredient’s power.

Wolfson Berg uses a unique cold pressing method that squeezes all of the goodness out of the bulbine frutescens leaves and ensures none of the potency is lost. Although cold pressed ingredients are not normally added to beauty creams, the benefits of cold pressing are well known.

Proof the Formulation Works

The skin rejuvenating abilities of the formulation can be supported by a double-blind placebo-controlled scientific study and an experiment involving the before and after pictures of the face of an XYZ Smart Collagen user.

XYZ Collagen before and after

The scientific study was supervised by a qualified dermatologist. Twenty-one women took part. The ages of the volunteers ranged from 45 to 65-years-old. The women applied the formulation to their skin each morning and repeated the process every night.

They continued to do this for a period of 84 days (12 weeks). The dermatologist examined the women’s skin at the beginning of the study, at the mid-way point, and then again at the end. Measurable improvements to the skin quality were clearly visible by the 42nd day and further improvements were noted on day 84.

Wolfson Berg’s claim that the formulation has the ability to make people look 7.5 years younger in 12 weeks is based on the second experiment.

Two groups of people were involved. Each of them were shown a picture of the same middle-aged woman who had been using XYZ Smart Collagen on her face and neck for 12 weeks. The first group were shown a picture of the woman before she began using the cream. The group members all agreed the woman looked 52.5 years old.

Strangely enough, they were correct about this, so it’s pretty safe to say she looked her age. The second group were shown a picture that was taken 12 weeks later and the group members said they thought the woman looked 45-years old—a difference of 7.5 years.

Customer Reviews and Media Coverage

At the time of this review, XYZ Smart Collagen had not been available long enough to attain customer feedback, but it’s beauty enhancing potential had already attracted a lot of attention from the media and the product had been featured favourably in a number of leading women’s magazines including Elle, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue.

Final Opinion

We may have had our doubts about this product, but we were quickly won over when we realized it contains such a good ingredient and then took a look at the advantages cold pressing has over other extraction methods.

The two study results also impressed us and we find it easy to understand why the media has taken such an interest in the product. XYZ Smart Collagen has a lot to offer, so the low cost comes as quite a surprise. It will be interesting to see if it increases in the future because it’s rare to find such a quality product available at such a bargain price.

Where To Buy XYZ Smart Collagen Cream In Australia

XYZ Smart Collagen in AustraliaA 50ml bottle costs US$39.99 from It is not possible to buy the product in the shops or any online stores.

If you see the cream available elsewhere it is likely to be a counterfeit product, so buyer beware!

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