Fat Burner Power Blend Review from OZ Formulas

Fat Burner Power Blend from OZ formulasFat Burner Power Blend is a diet pill marketed by Oz Formulas. The company is based in Australia, but the product is manufactured in America. The pills contain nine active ingredients, all of which have been endorsed on American TV’s Dr Oz Show. However, the company producing the product has no ties with the American health guru Dr Oz, and he always stresses the fact that, although he may believe in certain ingredients, he does not endorse any particular product or brand.

Dr Oz has also stated he has a problem with people trying to cash-in on his name. In fact, in 2014, he went face to face with some of the people using his name to sell their products. Despite the fact that Oz Formulas could be seen to be trying to capitalize on the American TV star’s reputation, they are based in Australia so, in this case, use of the name “Oz” is justifiable.

What is Fat Burner Power Blend and How Does it Work?

Fat Burner Power Blend is a diet pill that promises to “melt that fat away”.

The alleged benefits include:

  • Healthy weight loss booster
  • Appetite suppression
  • Helps accelerate fat burning
  • Antioxidant support
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients

Although the presence of good ingredients does not guarantee good results, the claims made for the product are in keeping with the abilities of the ingredients used in Fat Burner Power Blend. All of them contain antioxidants that should help protect against the damaging effects of free radical toxins and, if the amounts used are sufficient, the combination of ingredients should help people to cut back on food and lower their calorie intake, while also burning calories faster thanks to a quicker metabolism. When the body’s demand for calories is greater than those available it will be forced to start burning fat.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients are good, but they are housed in a proprietary blend (1340mg per two capsules). This means the quantities involved are unknown and it seems appropriate to mention the fact that Dr Oz takes a dim view of proprietary blends and advises people to “be aware of formulas”.

The Fat Burner Power Blend proprietary formula contains:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% chlorogenic acid): The chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean has the ability to slow the absorption of dietary fats, but it is more valued for its prowess as a metabolism booster and fat burner.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (50% HCA): The hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia assists weight loss by preventing the body from converting excess carbohydrates into fat. Dr Oz states the ingredient needs a HCA content of at least 60%, the potency of the ingredient used here is considerably less.
  • Green Tea Extract (polyphenol 50%): Scientific evaluation shows green tea can boost weight loss by speeding the metabolism and encouraging fat burning.
  • Raspberry Ketone: A phenolic compound that can provide appetite suppression and boost fat burning. The fruit extract is extremely expensive, so many manufacturers use a man-made version that is much cheaper. It lacks potency. The type of raspberry ketone used here is not specified.
  • Glucomannan: glucomannan is a natural fiber that swells in the stomach when it is consumed with water. This causes a feeling of satiety that reduces the desire for food. It’s abilities have been endorsed by medical experts, but 1000mg is required three times per day. Fat Burner Power Blend is unlikely to provide the recommended amount and the pills are only taken once per day.
  • African Mango: The seeds of this tropical fruit have been shown to be effective for weight loss and the participants in a study conducted at the University of Cameroon (Senegal) showed a reduction in waist size and blood lipid levels.
  • Acai Berry Extract: Believed to be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, acai is a natural metabolism booster that appears to boost fat burning and suppress the appetite.
  • Grapefruit Extract & Apple Cider Vinegar Extract: In the recommedations for his Swimsuit Slimdown Plan, Dr Oz suggests drinking one cup of grapefruit juice, mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, before eating a meal. This is intended to accelerate fat burning. Taking two doses of Fat Burner Power Blend each day is unlikely to have the same effect.
Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required once per day and should be taken with a glass of water before eating a meal. Best results will require the capsules be used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet and exercise.

Fat Burner Power Blend Customer Feedback

There is an abundance of customer feedback, the majority of which is very good, but nearly all of the people who have left feedback admit the manufacturer gave them a discount for doing so. Some customers even admit to getting the product free of charge. Customer reviews that have been obtained in such a manner are seldom to be relied upon.

A few average five-star reviews read:

“These pills helped satiate my hunger and all the cravings for sweet food. I did not experience any side effects at all and have already lost about 8lbs.” 

“This is the first time I’ve used a diet pill and I am really amazed at how well this one works. I no longer eat too much food and my jeans are a lot slacker around my waist. Plus I feel more active and alive so this has been a good buy.”

“Fat Burner Power Blend has helped me a lot. My problem areas have become smaller and the fat around my belly has diminished. I highly recommend this product.”

Side Effects of Fat Burner Power Blend

Fat Burner Power Blend is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers or people under 18-years of age. People who have existing health problems should check with a doctor prior to commencing supplementation. The same advice is offered to anyone who is using medication or planning to combine Fat Burner Power Blend with another supplement.

Where To Buy Fat Burner Power Blend

Although the Oz Formulas website appears to offer a shopping cart facility this is not the case. Site visitors who hit the “Buy Now” button are directed to the relevant sales page at Amazon.com and a 30-day supply of pills costs around $19. Several independent sites appear to sell the product as well but, in all cases, interested parties who attempt to purchase the product are transferred to Amazon.

Fat Burner Power Blend Guarantee

A 60-day guarantee is offered.

The Bottom Line

The blend of ingredients used in Fat Burner Power Blend should support weight loss, but in some cases the potency of the ingredients is questionable and the inclusion rates may be insufficient. Customer reviews suggest Oz Formulas have got it right, but the fact that the reviewers received incentives raises question about the validity of the claims made. There are many reasons why Fat Burner Power Blend could be seen as a risky bet, but there is a money back guarantee so it could be worth giving the product a try.

Our Recommendation

Best choice of diet pillPower Blend doesn’t make our list of top products. We base our criteria on several key elements – there are obviously the effectiveness of products, how quickly they work and quality of ingredients but also we take int consideration things such as customer service and customer feedback

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