Atrafen Diet Pill Review – With Positive and Negative Customer Comments

Atrafen diet pillsAtrafen is a diet pill sold under the Nutratech brand name. The company also market a diet drop version of the product, named Atrafen Thermodrops, and a night-time option called Atrafen PM.

Their other product is a carb and fat blocking combo called Orlistol. The company markets all four products via their official website and also operate an Amazon store.

As is often the case with diet pills, the manufacturer is making a lot of big claims, but not providing a scrap of evidence to back any of them up. Apparently men can expect an average weight loss of 14 or more pounds in the first month and women have reported an average of 11-13 pounds per month.

Atrafen Advertised Benefits

  • Satiety and appetite suppression
  • Increased calorie burning
  • Significant fat burning
  • Extra mental and physical energy

How The Pills are Supposed to Work

When the appetite is suppressed it becomes easier to be satisfied with less food because the hunger cravings are taken away. Less food means fewer calories. If the body is burning calories faster and getting less in a day it may run out. If this happens it will start to burn its stores of fat. When people do not get all the calories they need it can also make them feel tired. Atrafen us designed to prevent this from happening.

The Ingredients & What They Offer

Each capsule contains 600mg of active ingredients. The inclusion rates are not revealed, but the ingredients involved are:

  • Green tea extract: A health-enhancing ingredient that is added to supplements of all kinds. It’s proven fat burning abilities have allowed green tea to become particularly favored by the diet pill industry.
  • Caffeine anhydrous: An energy-providing stimulant that is good for improving mental focus. Caffeine is also a proven fat burner.
  • Raspberry ketone: A popular weight loss ingredient that was never fully exploited until the American weight loss expert, Dr. Oz, endorsed its weight loss boosting abilities, during one of his shows.
  • African mango (Irvingia gabonensis): Research shows African mango can “significantly reduce body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight humans”.
  • Acai: A berry extract that boasts a high nutritional value, acai is a respected appetite suppressant and fat burner.
  • Resveratrol: Study results published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest resveratrol can help with weight loss, but other ingredients have more to offer.
  • Grapefruit powder: It’s possible grapefruit juice may provide some level of appetite supression, but grapefruit powder is unlikely to have a similar ability.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Some celebrities swear apple cider vinegar helps them to keep slim, but it is not a scientifically proven weight loss aid.
  • Kelp: A species of seaweed that is rich in iodine. Its presence here is only likely to benefit people who are iodine deficient. When the diet does not provide enough iodine the thyroid gland may not produce enough of the T-hormones that are necessary to govern the metabolism.
Best Way to Use  – The manufacturer has not made the usage instructions available online.

Atrafen Customer Comments

Customer reviews are mixed.

“Truly fantastic! I can’t believe how well these diet pills work. I am eating less food, but never feel hungry and have already started to lose weight. No side effects at all.” 

“The claims made for these pills are total garbage. They don’t do a bloody thing.”

“I used Atrafen with Orlistol and dropped 4 pounds per week. Never felt hungry at all.”

“Did not work for me. It’s a total rip-off. All the false reviews have got the manufacturer a nice little earner, but for dieters these pills are not worthwhile.” 

Atrafen Side Effects & Health Issues

The possibility of side effects is not mentioned. Nor is there any information about any special health considerations that may apply.

None of the ingredients have a reputation for causing problems, but the formulation is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have health problems, or are using medication, should always check with a doctor prior to taking supplements of any kind.

Best Place to Buy Atrafen

Although it is possible to buy Atrafen directly from the manufacturer’s website, the best place to buy is Amazon. The price per bottle is a couple of dollars cheaper ($39.99) and free shipping is included as standard.

Customers buying via Amazon will also be protected by the Amazon Returns Policy, so getting a refund should not be a problem if the pills do not work as they should.

The homepage on the manufacturer’s website states they offer a money back guarantee, but any potential customer who takes the time to examine the returns policy will discover the company refuses to accept returns of any product that has been opened and tried.

The Final Judgment

Atrafen costs $40 or more per bottle, but no usage guidance is made available, so new customers have no way of knowing how long a bottle will last.

There are 60 capsules per bottle so, at a rate of two capsules per day, the bottle may last a month. If the dosage is higher it will empty a lot sooner. That would make Atrafen and expensive option.

Many of the ingredients are good, but the inclusion rates are unknown so the pills could be lacking in power. Customer feedback suggests the product may work for some, but not for all, and the manufacturer appears to be loathe to honor their offer of a money back guarantee. We cannot approve this product, but nor can we say for certain that it will not work.

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