The Best Diet Pills for 2016

Best diet pill for AustraliaWhat are the best diet pills of 2016? That’s a good question and knowing the answer can be the difference between weight loss and wasted money. The diet pill industry is worth millions and it sometimes seems as if there is a new diet pill coming onto the market every day.

Some of them are sold on the back of outlandish claims and cleverly-worded lies; others appear to be “doctor trusted” or scientifically proven to work. However, when all of the promises have done their job and convinced customers to buy, disillusioned dieters often discover they’ve been duped again and start to doubt if they will every that most elusive of things—a diet pill that works.

When dieters are looking for an effective weight loss aid, it’s a jungle out there, and it’s next to impossible to see the wood for the trees. Good supplements are in the minority, but they do exist and out of all the hundreds or diet pills we’ve reviewed over the years we found just three that stand head and shoulders above the rest. But before we get to our short list of the best diet pills of 2016, we’ll explain what makes them so special.

We feel these are the best diet pills of 2015 because they are all:

  • Manufactured by reputable companies
  • Contain quality ingredients
  • Have good customer feedback.
  • Are safe to use

The Top 3 Diet Pills For 2016

PhenQ – Combination Fat Burner, Fat Blocker, Appetite Suppressant

PhenQ is a pharmacy grade diet pill produced in England by Bauer Nutrition. It’s a quality product designed to tackle weight loss in a number of ways.

PhenQ assists weight loss by providing:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • Extra energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Fat blocking

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaWeight loss experts agree supplements like PhenQ, that take a multifaceted approach to weight loss, offer dieters a better chance of success than those that only offer one or two benefits, such as combined appetite suppressants and fat burners.

PhenQ is still a relatively new product, but it’s already generated some excellent customer reviews and Bauer Nutrition are so certain of its abilities they provide customers with an incredible 60-day money back guarantee that allows them plenty of time to use the pills and evaluate the results.

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Phentaslim – Fat Burner and Workout Supplement

Phentaslim sounds like it is designed to be a Phentermine substitute. Marketing material suggests that is not the case. Customer reviews suggest it is a diet pill to be reckoned with and can easily blow most of the competition away.

Phentaslim assists weight loss by providing several key benefits:

  • Reduced excess body fat
  • Diminished hunger cravings
  • More energy
  • Improved mental performance

Phentaslim special offersThe capsules are manufactured in the USA, by Optimum Nutra and, like Bauer Nutrition; the company has a good reputation and is already established as a leader in the field of dietary supplements.

Optimum Nutra provide customers with a generous amount of information about the way the pills are designed to work and show enough faith in the product to back it with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Phen375 – Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

Phen375 is produced in the USA at an FDA approved facility, so the quality level is high. It’s not a new pill, but it has been one of the most popular weight loss products in the world for a number of years and the manufacturer is rightly proud of the 198,782 customers who have announced their satisfaction in the product.

Phen375 provides weight loss by:

  • Supressing the appetite
  • Mobilizing excess fats
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Burning body fat

Phen375 ReviewPhen375 can provide dramatic results and is arguably one of the most powerful weight loss aids available without a prescription.

The pills are marketed as a safe and legal Phentermine substitute and many customers boast they have lost 20 pounds in weight in as little as a month.

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A Common Factor Shared by the Best Diet Pills for 2016

Our choice of Top Three Diet Pills of the Year all share something in common apart from their ability to help users to blast away their fat—all three of them are likely to turn up in the search results of people who are looking for Phentermine. Many dieters are willing to go to incredible lengths to get hold of a supply of Phentermine, and give little thought to the various health risks the prescription only drug can present. It is possible that some of the dieters who land on the various sales pages will be tempted to choose one these safer options instead, and manage to successfully lose weight without having to risk their health, and that can only be a good thing.

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