Muscletronic iGPC+ Review – Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Keep Focus

Muscletronic iGPCMuscletronic’s iGPC+ has been formulated to help burn fat, build lean muscle and help focus. These three elements are the most important to anyone who uses supplementation in their workout or fitness regime. It is suitable for both men and women.

According to the manufacturer, Muscletronic capsules are highly effective when it comes to providing a pre-workout buzz and allow the user to “experience peak performance without the lag”. The company makes claims that can be summed in three bullet points

  • Build Muscle
  • Burn Fat
  • Sharpen your Mind

The “sharpen your mind” angle is deemed a big selling point and the official website details the importance of having a mind and body that are prepared for a gruelling workout. Some of the sales material is possibly a little hyped-up, but the basic concept they are working with is true enough. Being in the right state of mind is important, because lifting weight is hard work and results can suffer on the days when the motivation is not there.

Muscletronic websiteMuscletronic iGPC+ is extremely well formulated and contains the correct amount of each ingredient.

There are many fat burning supplements and many many muscle building supplements on the market. There are just a handful of quality supplements that provide both fat burning and muscle building – is it Muscletronic’s addition of Alpha-GPC that really propels it into a unique category of its own. Ask any bodybuilder what he wouldn’t give for help with his or her 11th and 12th rep and break the pain barrier – this is Alpha-GPC.

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How the Formulation is Designed to Work

Muscletronic builds muscleThe Muscletronic website states the formulation accelerates protein synthesis and ensures the muscles are fuelled with the nutrients they need to work harder and longer in the gym and recover faster between sets and sessions.

The formulation is also designed to “rev up” the metabolism, help the body burn calories faster, and get to work on it stores of fat 24/7. It increases insulin sensitivity as well, causing energy to be driven to the muscles rather than stored as fat.

The capsules also contain nootropic ingredients to purge the mind of negative thoughts and provide improved concentration and motivation.

Muscletronic is suitable for both men and women – it can be used as a fat burner or can be used a complete workout supplement. It is ideal for helping bodybuilders with improvement by giving additional mental focus.

Muscletronic man woman

What’s Under the Hood?

Four Muscletronic capsules contain:

  • Alpha-GPC (75mg): Alpha-GPC is a potent nootropic ingredient that should help provide the motivated state of mind the capsules are supposed to initiate. It also has the power to improve muscle contractions, aid recovery and help initiate fat burning.
  • Vitamin B Complex (17.94mg): B vitamins are essential for a healthy metabolism and can help the body burn more calories, maximize the amount of nutrients obtained from food, and ensure a sufficient supply of energy.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg): An antioxidant that is manufactured within the body and can be synthesised in a lab. It is present in very cell in the body and is important for turning glucose into energy. It also purges the body of free radicals and, unlike many other antioxidants such as vitamin C, ALA is both fat and water soluble, so it can work throughout the entire body.
  • Forskolin Extract (250mg): A plant extract that activates the enzyme adenylyl cyclase. This results in increased cAMP activity, leading to enhanced neurotransmitter function and a sharper, more focussed mind.
  • Golden Root (150mg): An herb that is favoured as an ingredient in smart drugs because of its ability to banish feelings of stress and anxiety. It can also be invaluable for fighting fatigue and ensuring greater levels of stamina.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): A popular fast-acting form of caffeine that is a first-rate energy provider and mental focus booster. Caffeine also speeds up the metabolism to trigger thermogenic fat burning.
  • L-Theanine (150mg): An amino acid that is highly valued for its abilities as an NO (nitric oxide) booster. The resulting vasodilation improves the circulation to ensure the muscles receive extra oxygen and nutrients so they can be worked harder and heal more quickly.
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract (100mg): A synephrine-providing fruit extract that has a proven fat burning ability and is also useful for providing extra energy.
  • Piperine (6.66mg): A black pepper extract that is a metabolism booster in its own right and also has the ability to improve the bioavailability of other ingredients.

How to Use Muscletronic

New users (days 1-5)

  • Training days: Two capsules 30-45 minutes before training.
  • Non training days: Two capsules on waking.

Normal dosage (day 6 onwards)

  • Training days: Two capsules on waking + two capsules 30-45 minutes before training.
  • Non training days: Two capsules on waking + two capsules with lunch.

Cycling Schedule

A break of 1.5 to 2 weeks is required after 12 to 15 weeks of use.

Side Effects and Health Considerations

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child should ask their doctor for advice before taking any brand of supplement. People who have existing health problems or are taking medication also need to seek expert advice prior to using Muscletronic.

Using Muscletronic in conjunction with other caffeine-providing products is not recommended and capsules should never be taken within five hours of going to sleep.


The guarantee period is 60 days.

The Final Conclusion

The abilities of the ingredients used in the blend are a good match for the claims made for the product. It’s an inspired formulation that should fulfil the manufacturer’s goal of getting the mind and body working in harmony during gym sessions and healing faster afterwards. Muscletronic is a quality supplement that should provide good results. The guarantee period is unusually long and the lack of shipping charges means customers do not need to worry about paying extra for choosing a product that was not made here in Oz.

Where to Buy Muscletronic

Buy Muscletronic directMuscletronic is exclusive to the manufacturer’s website. The RRP is £49.95 (AUD$ 105) per bottle, but the price if often reduced by £10 (AUD$21) and there are no extra charges for shipping.

The 60 day money back guarantee is a strong selling point – a no risk purchase and a must buy in our opinion.

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