HCG Platinum X30 30 Day Weight Loss Program Review

HCG Platinum Plus drops are said to be an advanced homoeopathic mixture of HCG and Vitamins B12 and B6, that will boost your energy. This product also has three amino acids in it, and these are meant to increase your metabolic rate, to speed the process of fat burning up.

The manufacturers of HCG Platinum X30 say that their product can allow customers to lose as much as one pound per day, whilst working to shield the organs of the body and keep all the bodily processes functioning normally and smoothly. They also say that their product will produce long-term results, and make it easy to keep even the most stubborn areas of your body slim.

Using HCG Platinum X30

A step-by-step guide is included with this product that explains how to consume the drops and what you should expect. A twenty-five page cook-book is also provided, which is packed with lots of excellent, straightforward recipes.

HCG Platinum X30 is supposed to work by targeting your difficult-to-reach flabby areas. You are instructed to adhere to a reduced calorie diet, where you avoid high fat, high sugar, and/or starchy food.

When taking this product, you place 7-10 drops beneath your tongue, 3 times each day. You are advised to take the drops 10-15 minutes before drinking or eating any beverages or food.


The HCG Platinum X30 ingredients are said to offer lots of benefits to the body. These include:

  • Acetyl l-carnitine – The amino acid, L-carnitine, has often been advertised as a stimulant for weight loss. Nonetheless, there is presently no clinical data which proves it has any type of weight reduction capabilities.
  • Angelica Sinensis – Usually, Dong quai is used as a tonic to treat female conditions like menopause. Regrettably though, it does not have any effect on weight loss.
  • Dioscorea villosa – This is mainly used for treating osteoporosis and menopause symptoms, but it does not help you become slimmer.
  • Cimicifuga racemosa – Generally, this is used to halt hot flashes, along with other menopause symptoms. It is not, however, known to have any effect on weight loss.
  • L-arginine – This amino acid has been utilized to combat MELAS syndrome, trigger growth hormones, and ease asthma symptoms. While it does provide lots of health advantages, it has not been proven to help you slim down, as is the case with the other ingredients.

Prior to consuming any kind of HCG, it is always best to speak to a physician.


Although HCG Platinum X30 is an extremely safe product, it is difficult to be too enthusiastic about it because the ingredients do not look likely to provide the really significant weight loss effects that most customers would want.

Nonetheless, some online reviews do report positive results, with one customer claiming that she lost 5 pounds in one day! So, for dieters who are severely overweight or obese, this product might be worth sampling. Just make sure your expectations are realistic.

Where To Buy HCG Platinum X30 In Australia

Available to buy from the official website and some third party online stockists. Not available to in-store from Australian pharmacies and chemists or health supplement stockists.

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