Hydroxycut Australia, Legal Status, Does It Work And Possible Side Effects

Hydroxycut number 1 diet pill in AmericaHydroxycut is arguably one of the most infamous commercially available (over the counter) diet pills in the industry’s history. It has had a chequered past and at one point was withdrawn from sale amid safety issues.

It claims to be the number 1 and best selling weight loss supplement in America and is sold in many outlets across the world including Australia.

We take a look at Hydroxycut and review the pro’s and con’s and see if its worth buying and safe to use.

Hydroxycut has 2 major stains on its reputation – in 2004 and 2009 where it was banned by the FDA and forced to withdraw its products from sale

Hydroxycut Review – What Is It And What Does It Do

Hydroxycut diet pill rangeA non prescription brand of weight loss products that has multiple products within its portfolio.

The most commonly sold in the range are: Pro Clinical, Pro Clinical Caffeine Free, Hardcore, Advanced and Green Coffee Extract.

As mentioned above, Hydroxycut suggests that is ‘America’s Number One Diet Pill’ we will let you draw your own conclusion as whether this is true or not.

There are multiple mechanic’s of action at work accros the range with the main staple concept being fat burning. Hydroxycut do not go into great detail as the finer workings of its products so we are not going to bother either.

In The Media, Media Exposure

Apart from self generated PR there is not a great deal of positivity – its run-ins with the authorities seem to be the main focus of the media.

In 2003, the New York Times reported that MuscleTech had buried data showing that Hydroxycut was ineffective, covered up evidence of cardiac side effects, and tampered with documents submitted as evidence in a lawsuit over the supplement. Scientific evidence of serious side effects from Hydroxycut products accumulated, including cases of liver failure, seizures, rhabdomyolysis, and at least one death in a previously healthy 19-year-old man who used the product – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxycut


Success Stories And Testimonials

There are surprising few testimonials and ‘real’ weight loss success stories. There are of course the obligatory ultra positive manufactured reviews on the various products website but hardly anything from less biased sources

In 2009, Hydoxycut’s manufacturer voluntarily withdrew its products from stores over reports of liver problems, seizures, and rhabdomyolysis, a muscle-damaging condition

Hydroxycut Side Effects

One of the major reasons why the product has been raked across the legislative coals is its lack of study connected with its formula. There are very few clinical trials performed by on its efficacy and its potential for side effects both in the long term and short term.

2009 was a particularly dark year for all concerned with Hydroxycut when they had no choice to pull its products from sale on a a worldwide basis amid fears over a main ingredient that was consistant across its range.

Further reading can be found at http://www.webmd.com/diet/hydroxycitric-acid-hydroxycut

Hydroxycut Stockists In Australia

The current products are readily available in a multitude of outlets across Australia including GNC. There are also several chemists and pharmacy’s, such as Chemists Warehouse that stock both in store and online.

Is It Recommended

Extremely hard to recommend. If you are looking to use a fat burner then look at our recommendation.

Recommended Diet Pills

PhenQ Australia fat burnerPhenQ is highly effective and can stand up to the most vehement scrutiny. It has quite possibly the most believable testimonials that we have ever seen.

The manufacturers encourage their user to send in there stories and experiences on the diet pill by either email, before and after photo or video.

PhenQ is produced in accredited facilities that are registered by the FDA.

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