Liporexall Australia – Does It Work, Where To Buy

Liporexall AustraliaLiporexall is widely publicised and marketed diet pill, particularly in Australia. There are several independent diet pill review sites that have not been too kind about it – and not without good reason.

There does appear to be a high degree self manufactured hype about it and some highly suspicious claims with not in way of clinical proof to back them up.

The official website looks alarmingly similar to several other diet pill brand websites – the marketing angle and site design appear to be identical.

The company responsible have been associated with several other products of questionable repute

What Is Liporexall

Liporexall website Australia stockistsThe manufacturers claim that it has been developed to target unsightly body fat while suppressing appetite and providing a boost to the metabolism.

The ingredients included are also clinically proven to give fast acting results and are 100% completely natural and free side effects – this according to its creators and developers. Closer inspection reveals that  this is not entirely true.

The US government has issued warning over the safety of the main ingredient.

Not only is the main ingredient a possible health risk but there is not a shred of evidence to validate its claims

Ingredients In The Formula

The formula contains several ingredients, all of which have no quantifiable amounts stated anywhere either on the product packaging or product website.

There are just many ingredients in the formula for any one ingredient to provide any benefit at all.

Here are the main ingredients and what each are supposed to do.

  • Super Citrimax: Aids appetite suppression and reduces body fat
  • Pinnothin: Has the ability to prevent hunger pangs
  • Advantra Z: This is better known as bitter orange – and has not positive affect on weight reduction
  • NeOptunia: Has the ability to prevent from being absorbed by the digestive system
  • Phase 2: Can help stop the absorption of carbohydrates
  • 7-Keto Dhea: Can help to produce mental stamina
  • ForsLean: Claim to help transport fat from fat cells
  • InFinergy Caffeine Malate: Or caffeine for want of another word – stimulant
  • Tonalin: Another natural substance that converts fat into energy
  • Bioperine: Helps all the above work just bit quicker

How Does Liporexall Work

As mentioned above – an appetite suppressor and fat burner.

Liporexall Side Effects

There is not real study of the long term potential side effects that could be caused using the above formula.

Does Liporexall Work – Is It Recommended

This is not a product to pin your weight loss hopes to – avoid.

Where To Buy Liporexall In Australia

Available to but through its own official website only but does ship to all countries including Australia. It is highly unlikely to be sold in store at Australian pharmacies, chemists and health supplements stockists (GNC etc.)

Alternatives To Consider

Phen375 fat burnerThere are several legitimate diet pills that are preferred over and above – Phen375 is our top choice,

Phen375 is formulated in FDA approved facilities – something that not many competitive products can claim.

Phen375 is dual fat burner and appetite suppressant that has been responsible for many weight loss successes.

Read the Phen375 full review

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