WoohSlim Diet Pills Review – Real or Fake?

WoohslimWoohSlim is slimming pill that appears to originate somewhere in Asia, but is sold with the promise it’s made in Switzerland. If the marketing claims are to be believed, it’s the most popular diet pill in Malaysia.

However, it seems likely the pills are actually made in Hong Kong or China. The official WoohSlim website is a “.ch”.

This extension is usually added to sites located in China, but the site states the pills have a Swiss origin. We also found Asian websites that say the pills are Swiss-made, but there is no way to ascertain the truth of this statement.

We are really uneasy about Woohslim – we may be doing the company a massive injustice but until we can have confirmation we advise to steer well clear.

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Manufacturer Credibility

The WoohSlim sales page at one Malaysian online store states: “FSeit 2013 now also in Switzerland and Germany.

Branch offices in Hong Kong (DODOCO Biotechnology Co., Limited) and Malaysia.” We could not find out what “Fseit 2013” is but are guessing it’s the name of the real manufacturer.

Woohslim AustraliaWe located company information for DODOCO Biotechnology, though, and discovered it was incorporated in July 2016. The registration records for the WoohSlim website show the domain was purchased two months later that same year, by an individual based in China.

So what we appear to be looking at here is a company that is based in China and actively marketing its products to Malaysian consumers.

It does not appear to be interested in selling its pills to people in English language speaking countries. The official site has some a couple of impressive pictures of European ladies holding bottles of WoohSlim, and a little bit of text written in English and German.

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To a non-English speaker a site like this may suggest the product is a big hit with dieters in Europe and give it extra credibility, but the truth of the matter is, European dieters are only likely to discover the product by accident and will find it very hard to purchase if they wish to do so.

Woohslim Possible Benefits

  • The No.1 most effective weight loss formula in Malaysia
  • Lose 4-8kg in the first 10-20 days course
  • More than 8,000 Malaysians have tried WoohSlim and experienced good results
  • No crash diets or heavy exercise required
  • The safest and most effective weight loss program

How WoohSlim Assists Weight Loss

The WoohSlim website fails to provide any information about the benefits the pills are intended to provide.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Finding any information about the ingredients contained in this product has proved to be very difficult, but we have been able to ascertain it’s powered by green tea and 10 Chinese herbs.

Green tea is the most popular diet pill ingredient in the world and not without good reason. Green tea can benefit the health in many ways and has proven to be a good fat burner. So, if you are looking for a healthy way to loose weight, green tea is a good choice.

However, there is no way to know if the WoohSlim formulation contains a sufficient amount.

The other problem with this product is the rest of the ingredients are not specified. “Herbs” could be just about anything and many ingredients that are used in Asian products would be deemed unsafe by manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Woohslim Side Effects & Health Considerations

A list of ingredients is not available, so this is an extremely risky dieting product to buy.

Especially if you bear in mind the fact that it probably originates in an Asian country (despite the claims otherwise) and is unlikely to be made to the high quality standards expected of manufacturers located in Europe and the USA.

Our best advice is to avoid this product completely. Failing that, we urge all potential users to seek expert medical advice before supplementation is commenced.

Where to Buy WoohSlim

The official WoohSlim website does not offer a shopping cart facility, but Wooh slimming products are available via online stores located in Asia and we found one Malaysian online store that appears to be selling the product for RM 338.64. At the time of this review, a Malaysian ringgit was worth USD$ 00.25. That means the price per pot is $80.20.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

WoohSlim is a super expensive slimming product that has a questionable origin, does not appear to have proven abilities, and is not backed by a money back guarantee. Worse still, it is impossible to find out what the pills actually contain.

This means there is no way of ascertaining the kind of side effects their use may entail. Does this sound like the kind of product you would want to use yourself or recommend to your loved ones?

We are guessing your answer is probably “no”. The best diet pills are safe to use and offer proven results.

They also come with a money back guarantee. We have reviewed several product that meet such a criteria and all of them are considerably cheaper than WoohSlim. This product does not impress us at all.

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